tue minh

Chính Sắc Tuệ Minh

Generation: 78

1861 – 1939

Từ Hiếu temple (Huế, Vietnam)

Our Grand-Father Teacher was the youngest disciple of the Zen Master, whose lineage name was Hải Thiệu ( 海 紹 ) and whose Dharma name was Cương Kỷ ( 綱 紀 ). Zen Master Cương Kỷ (1810-1899) transmitted this gatha to Zen Master Tuệ Minh:

Chính sắc thể viên minh
Tâm pháp bổn tự nhiên
Hư không thu nhất điểm
Kế tổ vĩnh lưu truyền.

In the first line one can read Chính Sắc (Color of Righteousness), which is Zen Master Tuệ Minh's Dharma name.

The color of righteousness is clear and complete in its nature,
The Dharma of the heart is basically natural.
The immense space can be compressed into a tiny dot.
Let us continue the work of our ancestors and transmit the Dharma to the future generations.

(translation of the gatha is made with support of Thầy Chúc Thịnh)