hai thieu cuong ky

Hải Thiệu Cương Kỷ

Generation: 77

1820 -1899

Từ Hiếu temple (Huế, Vietnam)

Zen Master Cương Kỷ received the lamp transmission from his teacher, Zen Master Nhất Định (1784-1847 ), who was the founder of Từ Hiếu root temple . This was the transmission gatha:

Cương kỷ kinh quyền bất chấp phương
Tùy cơ ứng dụng thiện tư lương
Triêu triêu tương thức nan tầm tích
Nhật nhật xuyên y khiết phạn thường

Cương Kỷ means 'discipline' or 'law'. This is the translation of the gatha:

To apply the law, flexibility should be there and we are not get caught in our means.
In each situation we should make good use of our right thinking.
Every morning we recognize the faces of each other and yet it is difficult to grasp each others' true nature.
We should apply the practice in our daily life like putting on our robe and eating our meals.

(translation of the gatha is made with support of Thầy Chúc Thịnh)