tanh thien nhat dinh

Tánh Thiên Nhất Định

Generation: 76

1784 - 1847


Tánh Thiên Nhất Định founded the Từ Hiếu Temple, in Huê.

His teacher, whose lineage name was Tánh Thiên ( 性 天 ) and whose Dharma name was Nhất Định ( 一定 , Concentration on Oneness) , received the lamp transmission in the year 1814 when he was 30 years old. He left many wonderful stories about his life, such as taking care of his old mother in a small hut, which later became Từ Hiếu root temple. Từ ( 慈 ) means 'loving kindness' and Hiếu ( 孝 ) means 'piety'. This was the gatha he received:

Nhất Định chiếu quang minh
Hư không mãn nguyệt viên
Tổ tổ truyền phó chúc
Đạo Minh kế Tánh Thiên


The concentration on Oneness is radiating light,
Like a full moon in the immense space.
Generations after generations, our ancestors continue each other.
Therefore, it is Tánh Thiên who will continue Đạo Minh.

In the last line, one can read Zen Master Nhất Định's lineage name (Tánh Thiên) and his teacher's lineage name (Đạo Minh , 道 明 ), whose Dharma name was Phổ Tịnh ( 普 淨 ). Zen Master Phổ Tịnh was the Abbot of Báo Quốc temple ( 報 國 寺 ). He passed away in 1816.

(translation of the gatha is made with support of Thầy Chúc Thịnh)