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Thanh Quí Chân Thật

Generation: 79


Từ Hiếu temple (Huế, Vietnam)

Our Grand-Father Teacher had the lineage name Thanh Quí ( 倩 季 ), the Dharma name Cứu Cánh ( 究 竟 ) and the Dharma title Chân Thật ( 真 寔 , 1884-1968). He received the lamp transmission from his elder brother in the Dharma, whose lineage name was Thanh Thái ( 清 泰 ), Dharma name Chính Sắc ( 正 色 ) , and Dharma title Tuệ Minh (1861-1939, 慧 明 ). Zen Master Tuệ Minh gave to his younger brother in the Dharma this gatha:

Chân thật duy tùng thể tính không
Thâm cùng vọng thức bản lai không
Thỉ tri thị vật nguyên phi vật
Diệu dụng vô khuy chỉ tự công

We see our Grand-Father Teacher's name (Chân Thật, Real Truth) in the first line of the gatha:

Real truth can only be found in the nature of emptiness.
From the beginning until now, our wrong perceptions are empty.
That is why we know that things are unreal.
The wonderful Dharma is always there, it depends on our practice if we can get in touch with it.

(translation of the gatha is made with support of Thầy Chúc Thịnh)