thich nhat hanh lineage

Trừng Quang Nhất Hạnh

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Generation: 80

1926 - ...

Plum Village, France

When his teacher passed away in 1968, his will gave instructions for Trừng Quang Nhất Hạnh to be appointed Abbot of Từ Hiếu root temple, a position which he still holds. In the lamp transmission ceremony, he received the following gatha:

Nhất hướng phùng xuân đắc kiện hành
Hành đương vô niệm diệc vô tranh
Tâm đăng nhược chiếu kỳ nguyên thể
Diệu pháp đông tây khả tự thành


When we are determined to go just in one direction, we will meet the spring, and our march will be a heroic one.
Our actions should be free from speculation or competition.
If the lamp of our mind shines light on its own nature,
Then the wonderful transmission of the Dharma will be realized in both East and West.