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The Buddha in Jail Cuong Lu

The Buddha in Jail

Paperback | English
By (author) Cuong Lu

“In The Buddha in Jail, Cuong Lu demonstrates how to be in a helping relationship without getting caught in roles. As a prison chaplain, he did not attach to the idea of being a helper, or even of ‘helping.’ He sat quietly, deeply present with each inmate, and saw each of them as a soul, not just their personality or their troubled past. By dwelling in love with each person, accepting them without judgment, one by one they transformed, and their recidivism was close to zero. I congratulate Cuong Lu for the depth of his prison ministry and this beautiful book.” —Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now and Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying

“Read these stories carefully, a few at a time, and apply them to our encounters with those who have acted badly, those we don’t particularly like, and ourselves, for all these dialogues are taking place within each of us all the time.” —Roshi Joan Halifax

 “To free ourselves, we have to unlock the doors from within. Chaplains like Cuong Lu play an essential role in freeing those in prison from their inner demons, offering guidance, support, and loving kindness, teaching stillness and self-reflection, learning to connect with their fierce and loving hearts. I highly recommend The Buddha in Jail, a good read and a great resource for understanding prisoners and for finding the keys to the prisons in our own minds.”—Spring Washam, author of A Fierce Heart: Finding Strength, Courage, and Wisdom in Any Moment


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Author: Cuong Lu
Language: English
Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: OR Books
Publication date: March 2019
Print: 1
ISBN13: 9781682191842
E-book: 9781682191866

Dit is geluk Cuong Lu

Dit is geluk (This is happiness)

Paperback | Dutch
By (author) Cuong Lu

Everybody is looking for happiness, but when it is there, we don’t recognize it. Discovering happiness requires us to have a new way of looking. We need than a good instruction, practice and patience. When we think we have got happiness and we hold tight on it, we shall suffer. Happiness and suffering are two sides of the same medal. We cannot choose for one and reject the other. In “Dit is geluk” (This is happiness) Cuong invites us to stop the fight between happiness and suffering.

With the power of his deep insight and appealing examples, Cuong Lu leads us step by step to a dimension where separation disappears and happiness, harmony, freedom and compassion are always present.

With this book, his refreshing message will be available for the first time directly to a broader Dutch audience. With his highly recognizable approach, he brings a very encouraging message: stable happiness lies within everyone’s reach.

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Author: Cuong Lu
Language: Dutch
Dimensions: 17x210x131 mm
Weight: 264,00 gram
Publication date: November 2017
Print: 1
ISBN10: 9056703722
ISBN13: 9789056703721

Jezelf Een Weg naar Vrijheid

Jezelf, een weg naar vrijheid (Yourself, a path to freedom)

Paperback | Dutch
By (author) Paula van Liere

We think in contradictions. Consciously and unconsciously we are constantly trying to achieve happiness and prevent suffering. And when we have found happiness, we want to hold it. It doesn't have to be so. We can live without fighting.

Cuong Lu offers a new perspective on the four noble truths. He shows that it is not necessary to be afraid of suffering and that we can discover happiness every moment. It is simple and difficult at the same time. In Yourself, a way to freedom, Cuong Lu and Paula van Liere lead you to a place in yourself where you can experience suffering directly and find out that suffering is very different, much richer than you thought. Freed from the grip of fear you discover the happiness that is always there.

Paula van Liere (1947) works as a coach in personal change processes and is inspired by the teachings of Cuong Lu.

Cuong Lu was born in Vietnam in 1968 and came to the Netherlands as a boat refugee. He was a monk for 16 years in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Cuong Lu is now a Zen teacher working as a Buddhist spiritual counselor at the Custodial Institutions Department, giving lectures and leading retreats.

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Author: Paula van Liere
Language: Dutch
Dimensions: 23x211x130 mm
Weight: 340,00 gram
Publication date: October 2016
Print: 1
ISBN10: 9056703579
ISBN13: 9789056703578