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    True happiness has no cause

    1st Mind Only international conference 2019

Happiness is always new

Suddenly, you discover it: beauty alongside tatters, laughter between tears, emotion among words, and vulnerability under a tough exterior. You feel your heart or a stone and your thoughts become transparent.
You see, feel, hear, smell and taste your thoughts. There’s no distinction, no judgement – just insight and wisdom. Then happiness is renewed.
There’s no demonstrable cause and usually no big emotions.
Speakers, workshop leaders and participants come together to share their wisdoms and insights, and to apply them through Buddhist Psychology.
This is what we’ll be doing in this first Mind Only conference. True happiness is there, and true happiness has no cause.


Friday 15 November 2019


09.00 Registration, coffee and tea
09.30 Welcome and opening
09.40 Presentation Dan Lusthaus and Cuong Lu
11.15 Presentation Birgit Schuurman
12.00 Dialogue Dan Lusthaus, Cuong Lu and Birgit Schuurman
12.45 Lunch
14.00 Presentation Erik de Jongh
14.45 Workshops and presentations with a focus on practical use of Buddhist psychology in the tradition of Mind Only
16.15 Conclusions and meditation with Cuong Lu
17.00 Reception

Participants do not require any knowledge about Buddhism or Buddhist psychology prior to attending the conference.

Dutch and English language will be used. Translation options for native English speakers will be made available.

The program is subject to change. Information regarding the afternoon workshops will be added soon.

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