A lecture is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Buddhist psychology and with the insight of Zen Master Cuong Lu. You learn to listen and develop more understanding to let go of misunderstandings. Such a lecture works liberating.


A seminar consists of a lecture, a lunch in silence and an afternoon activity. There is more contact with Cuong Lu as a teacher and also with other participants. In the afternoon activity we have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. Throughout the day there is a lot of attention to apply the teaching in practice.


A retreat is a wonderful opportunity for inner growth, both individually and with the group. In a retreat we receive a lecture of Cuong Lu every day. In addition, there are meditation sessions, eating in silence, sharing experiences, questions and answers and more. There is also an opportunity to consult Cuong Lu personally. Between the activities, there is enough room for walking, resting, reading a book or talking with other participants. There are weekend retreats and 5-day retreats. A weekend will take place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. A 5-day retreat could take place from Monday evening to Saturday afternoon. In order to participate in a retreat, experience with Buddhism or meditation is not necessary. We learn to use Buddhist psychology in daily life. Cuong Lu is a master in providing guidance that is very valuable to everyone, regardless of your experience.


  • After a retreat from Cuong Lu there is always a smile on my face. Happiness is there again. He understands the art of making large or heavy life processes light, in a very accessible way.

    Nel Verhoef
  • Cuong is a wonderful teacher with great insight and in his lectures he gives each participant personal guidance. I am glad to be his student.

  • A nice retreat. Much clarification about listening from a Buddhist point of view. It has brought me clarification about my own "listening style". Under the expert guidance of Cuong Lu.

    Raymond de Haas
  • Cuong has mastered the art of turning our ideas about illness and health, me and you, death and life upside down. He helps us to look deeper and differently at ourselves and the other person. He teaches us to live without fear.

  • The retreat of Applied Buddhist Psychology gave me a lot of insight, self-compassion and tranquility. Thanks to the pragmatic and clear explanation of Cuong Lu, I learned and experienced how I can see, experience and share my happiness with others. And all this in a very relaxed and safe setting and a fantastic group.

  • Cuong Lu has the power to transform, something I might not have believed in before, but I feel a different person after the retreat. That is very special. I have not experienced the peace that I have felt (and still feel) in a long time. I would recommend a retreat to everyone. It is (more than) a present for yourself, and for the people around you. I feel great gratitude that Cuong Lu (and the people around him) have crossed my path.

  • Cuong Lu is a special and very inspiring teacher, who regularly touches me in my heart. I find it admirable how Cuong Lu always knows "where I am" and how he invites me to reflect and take the next step. Cuong, thank you for offering lectures, retreats and classes!

    Hans de Bruijn
  • I have experienced Cuong as a pleasant teacher who clarifies his innovative insights. He took plenty of time to answer my questions. The three weekends of Applied Buddhist Psychology made me happier, freer and gave me more confidence. Immediately after the retreat I noticed the effects. It helps me in my work as a coach. But also in my private life it is tangible.

    Netty van Kaathoven
  • The retreats and especially the lectures by Cuong Lu are very inspiring for me. In his own way, Cuong makes the Dharma accessible to everyone and I am touched by it, time and again. A frequently heard reaction from the participants is: "it is as if this lecture was meant for me". It touches you right where you are at that moment. With very simple examples Cuong touches on deep themes, in a way that only he can.

  • Cuong Lu has the gift to bring the very profound Buddhist psychology to the participants in an understandable and very catchy way. It does not end with theoretical considerations, but he immediately relates the links with our daily life. His way of teaching leaves almost no one unaffected. A great teacher.

    Mario van der Staak
  • Cuong Lu always knows how to touch me every time, to get insights and to inspire me to see the Buddha in myself and others!

    Ina de Haan
  • Every time I come to the retreat with Cuong Lu, I am surprised by the lectures, it is always different than I expected! So much happens inside of me ...

    Maria Van Eyken
  • Living a busy and active life I was intensely happy to be able to experience a retreat for the first time. I experienced this retreat as particularly valuable: experiencing silence in being together with others, practicing meditation, and I found it very special to do 'Dharma-sharing': the silence seemed to create space to once again come into deep contact with yourself and your well-being. Cuong Lu gave lectures every day which I found very enlightening.

    Stephanie Bode
  • From the very beginning as a teacher in the Netherlands, I attend Cuong's retreats. They have changed my life. I experience more stability and especially more happiness. Perhaps especially when life is difficult, when there is suffering. By staying "on power", connecting myself with Cuong as a teacher, as a friend, the Dharma has come to life and has become an experience for me.

  • During the quiet week I found more than what I was hoping for. A lot of love and warmth within the group. A teacher who intuitively helps to look at life in a new way. A way of care that appeals to me very much.

  • The weekend has brought me a lot of insight. Trust and deeper understanding of suffering. And that by listening deeply to the other person you can also 'hear' his pain. The child inside of you can help you understand the suffering in order to grow up from there. I am very grateful for this weekend and hope to experience many inspiring retreats.

    Trudeke van Seumeren
  • Deepening and relaxed weekends in a harmonious atmosphere. Enriching insights / experiences that affect my daily life. Nice location and great food. Good balance between activities and leisure.

  • The lectures by Cuong are very powerful and fresh. I enjoyed his clarity.

    Jantien Lodder
  • It feels as if every lecture is written specially for me, and in fact that is true, for me as well as for the other participants.

    Jan Zandbergen