Insights for Happiness

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Happiness is much greater than we think. We should not wait passively until it comes to us. We can train ourselves to discover happiness. Happiness is there and we often don't see it. Discover happiness. Enjoy happiness. And we become even happier if we can share it with other people.


Boswijk Instituut
Landgoed Beukenrode,
Beukenrodelaan 2 M,
3941 ZP Doorn

Date and time

Weekend: 27 September 29, 2019

Arrival on Friday evening from 7 pm
End on Sunday afternoon around 4 pm


During the retreat, a dharma reading is given by Cuong Lu every day. We practice sitting meditation, walking meditation, tea ceremony, silent eating, question and answer, dharma parts and other Buddhist exercises. Experience in Buddhist exercises is not necessary.


This retreat costs € 295.00 all-in. In addition to the costs of accommodation and meals, the amount also includes a fee for the teacher.