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The Origin of Body and Mind

By understanding the origin of our body and mind, we unlock the mystery of our universe. We understand where we come from and where we are going to. We understand ourselves and we understand each other. We understand why we suffer and how we can be happy. It is a retreat to discover our true identity. And the identity of life.


Boswijk Instituut
Landgoed Beukenrode,
Beukenrodelaan 2 M,
3941 ZP Doorn

Date and time

27 to 31 May 2019 (4 days and nights)
Arrival on May 27 from 19:00h.
The program starts at 20:00h.
End of program on May 31 around 16.00h.


During the retreat a dharma lecture by Cuong Lu is given every day. Together we practice sitting meditation, walking meditation, tea ceremony, eating in silence, question and answer, dharma sharing and other Buddhist exercises. Having experience in Buddhist exercises is not necessary.


This week retreat costs € 559.00 all-in.

This amount also includes a fee for the teacher in addition to the costs of accommodation and meals.

It remains possible to make an extra donation, but the basic needs of teacher and location are provided.